Infographic – Long-term care may not be top of mind for younger adults, yet over one-third of Americans younger than 40 are already caregivers (2018)

Adults age 18 to 39 are just as likely as those age 40 and older to have current experience providing long-term care, but younger caregivers are more likely than caregivers age 40 and older to feel stressed, according to a new study of Americans age 18 and older by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Video Interactive – Balancing Work and Caregiving (2017)

Family and friends provide much of the care for Americans 65 and older who require at least some support with daily activities. Nearly two-thirds have had to balance work with providing that care, according to a 2017 AP-NORC Center survey of Americans 40 and older with experience with long-term care. About 47 percent are having difficulty doing so. This AP-NORC Center video interactive explores how caregivers balance work and caregiving.